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Our Main Options

We would like to use this page as means to explain why we do not use endangered woods, unless it is a custom order. The surrounding hills of the Charlottesville area provide us with a variety of tone woods that many luthiers would have never thought to try. We have found that the tones produced in the videos below are just as productive and beautiful as typical rosewoods and mahogany .

We, also, want to show of the several options of instruments we build. From Mandocellos to Guitars. From unison to octave strung mandocellos.

We also believe that Jason might have had too much fun making these videos.

An Explanation Of Our Tonewoods

Jason Ring

At Dammann, we try to shy away from the endangered species trees if possible. We have discovered that right here in Charlottesville, and the surrounding area, we have a beautiful array of tone woods right at our fingertips!!! These locally harvested woods are also quick growth and regrowing trees.

The main woods we enjoy working with the most are:

Black Locust

Osage Orange



Since our bread and butter is Mandocellos and Mandolas, many of the videos to come will be such. The guitar will show up from time to time to show off our new builds as they arrive.

Black Locust is a gorgeous wood with a very unique grain. With age it stays light in color with a glisten that is like no other wood. The lines of the grain, however darken to an almost black. The contrast pops wonderfully. The video below is #80. Specs are listed in the video. Check back often for more!!!