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Electric Basses

Our Basses

Ralph designed the Dammann Bass to play ergonomically. The shape of the instrument allows the bass to hang comfortably, freeing both hands from supporting the instrument. The front of the instrument is three-dimensional. This feature places the right hand conveniently over the strings of the instrument. This design is as functional as it is unique, allowing for unprecedented ease of play.

The bodies of our basses are made out of four-inch thick blocks of walnut, cherry, or mahogany. These blocks are cut, shaped, and reassembled around a maple, through-body neck.

We bring out the character and color of these fine woods with three coats of stain, one coat of vinyl sealer, and eight coats of nitrocellulose lacquer. After every third coat the finish is hand rubbed. We complete the finishing process with a buffing that produces a deep luster and shine, distinguishing our basses. 

Ralph has been perfecting his design for over forty years as both a builder and a player. You can see him using an altered Fender that led to the prototype for today's Dammann Bass on YouTube.