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+ What is that thing?

Our standard model is a five course instrument, tuned C-G-D-A-E. We make it a variety of scale lengths and shapes. For us, it is excellent take on both the Octave Mandolin and traditional Mandocello. It's great for accompanying singers, playing classical cello music, picking irish music or strumming out Americana.

+ Why do you call them Mandocellos? Isn't it a cittern?

It's a cittern. Sure!

We conceived of our design by envisioning a Mandocello (with an additonal higher string) or a Octave Mandolin (with an additional lower string.)

+ Isn't it a Liuto moderno?


+ What types of strings do you recommend?

Check out our string guide!

+ Do you do custom work?

Yes. Every instrument our shop produces is one of a kind but we are very happy to build something to your specifications, and have done many custom builds over the years.

+ Do you sell kits or wood?

We do! We would also be happy to prep the wood to your specifications. Email us and let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to give you a quote.

+ Does the low C string speak?